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Design considerations for PTC Heaters

PTC screw plug cartridge heater

PTC heating elements must be integrated into their end use systems in such a way that heat transfer remains consistent and optimized. Figure 2 shows performance in a typical best case-worst case in different heat transfer environments. Eichenauer engineers have significant experience in system design, and as part of Eichenauer's service, this expertise is offered to provide a complete system solution.

The PTC heating element's response is also independent of voltage (Figure 3). As a result, the same element can reach a constant temperature from applied voltages of 100 to 260, making the Eichenauer Inc. Heater perfect in dual voltage applications.

Available PTC Heating Element Designs:

  • Round cartridge with insulated rubberized sleeve for insertion into a cylindrical cavity.
  • Rectangular cartridge with insulated rubberized sleeve for insertion into a rectangular cavity.
  • Aluminum housed flat cartridge for direct insertion into liquids.
  • Aluminum housed flat cartridge for spring fit against flat surfaces.
  • Unique systems integrating any of the above designs into heat sinks and other subsystems for use in the final applications.

Data legend PTC performance data

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